Doctoral State Examination

Application for Doctoral State Examination

Doctoral State Examinations are organized always in spring and autumn term. The application for a DSE in the spring semester must be submitted by March 31, at the latest, in the autumn semester by 15 October (see Academic Calendar). The specific term for each DSE is proposed by the Doctoral Study Board and confirmed by the Dean of the Faculty.

In accordance with the Sample Study Plan, the
student of the full-time study form is obliged to submit the application for the DSE at the latest in the 4th semester of study, the student of the part-time form of study is obliged to submit the application for the DSE at the latest in the 8th semester of PhD studies.

The application for a DSE is submitted to the dean of the faculty through application Topic Lists in IS MU (Application for the Doctoral State Examination - programme).

 Part of the application for the DSE is An Overview of the Student’s Research and Scientific Activities, created according to Annex No. 3 of FEA MU Directive No. 2/2020 Studies in Doctoral Degree Programmes and their Organization.

Along with the DSE application, the student also submits the dissertation proposal in the extent of 20-30 pages, electronically in the IS MU here.

Requirements of dissertation proposal are specified in Guidelines of the Vice-Dean for Reserach of the FEA MU No. 1/2022.

Examination Content

The DSE examines a student’s theoretical and methodological knowledge related to the field of study. The extent of the examination is determined by the Doctoral Board and the aim is to demonstrate the student’s readiness for independent research work in the given discipline. 

General DSE requirements are covered by the content of the doctoral programme; specific requirements involve thematic theoretical areas related to the dissertation proposal. 

The examination takes place in the form of a debate over the presented dissertation proposal; questions are asked in a wider context of the particular scientific discipline. 

Dissertation Proposal Template

You can download the dissertation proposal template here.

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