Content Requirements

The dissertation is the final work of the PhD studies. 

The dissertation must contain original (it means new findings that represent the contribution of doctoral students for the development of scientific knowledge) and published findings of research carried out by the candidate, or findings already accepted for publication. 

The dissertation is submitted as a monograph or as a collection of essays/articles.

A monograph is a single text that deals in detail with a single topic and is written by a single author.

A collection of at least 3 essays/articles constitutes a publication consisting of an introductory chapter and published or unpublished individual essays that address a common research problem or belong to a common area of research. Each essay/article explores a separate research question or contains separate findings. Essays included in the dissertation should be published, accepted, or suitable for publication (i.e., ready for submission) in a respected, peer-reviewed journal.

The student should be the principal author of the dissertation in that if he/she is submitting the results of a collective scholarly work for defense, he/she must have substantial authorship of any jointly produced work and indicate his/her estimated percentage of the work. The parts of the thesis that have been worked on by the student must be clearly indicated in the thesis. The thesis must be accompanied by a statement from the supervisor confirming the student's authorship of the marked parts of the thesis and assessing the student's contribution.

An article co-authored by students may be used in only one set of articles submitted as a dissertation.

The recommended minimum length of the dissertation is 100 pages of the text; the recommended maximum length is 160 pages. The formal requirements for the length, structure and format of the dissertation are defined in Guidelines of the Vice-Dean for Reserach of the FEA MU No. 1/2022.

Requirements for Publication of Dissertation Results

Requirements for the publication of dissertation results specifies Directive of the Faculty of Economics and Administration, Masaryk University No. 2/2020 Studies in Doctoral Degree Programmes and their Organization, Article 6, par. 3, letter c):

During the course of their studies, PhD students are required to prepare at least 3 publications in English that are thematically relevant to their research focus. Of these, at least one publication must be published or accepted for publication in a journal indexed in the WoS or Scopus database at the time of submission of the dissertation; the remaining publications may be published as a working paper or as part of the dissertation.

Dissertation Defense


The defense application is complete after the candidate submits:

1. Defense application to the Dean via the IS MU, Topic Lists (Dissertation defense application) prior to the deadline specified in the official Academic Calendar (til 31st March in Spring semester, til 15th October in Autumn semester).

2. Dissertation and a comprehensive overview of publications and research activities prepared according to Appendix No. 3 (An Overview of the DDP Student’s Research and Scientific Activities) of this Directive No. 2/2020, electronically into  Archive of Thesis/Dissertation (Information System - Student - Final State Examination and Thesis/Dissertation Archive).

3. In the Office for Research and Projects via email phd@econ.muni.cz a professional CV.


Based on the Doctoral Board’s proposal, the Dean appoints at least two dissertation opponents, at least one of whom is not a MU employee. The student has the right to be acquainted with opponent’s statements at least seven working days before the defense.

The defense is held before the Dissertation Defense Committee. Defense committees are subject to provisions in Article 34 SER. 

The date of the dissertation defense is proposed by the Doctoral Board and is set by the Dean. The dissertation defense shall take place within one year of the date of application. Terms and conditions governing the submission of the defense application and the procedure of the defence are set out in Article 33 of the SER.

Recommendations for Dissertation

Recommendations for the writing of the dissertation can be downloaded here.

Dissertation Template

You can download the dissertation template here.

The template in LaTeX format can be found here. Information on editing and working with the template can be found here.

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