Basic Information

Doctoral studies represent the utmost level of higher education. Its purpose is to teach the students autonomous research and other creative activities so that they are ready for their research/teaching careers or highly qualified jobs.

Doctoral studies typically feature doctoral student‘s indi­vidually taylored courses and autonomous research work receiving the key factor attention from MU FEA. It has reduced the courses taught in the classical manner for the doctoral degree programmes in the recent years so that the students are able to concentrate on active approach to their research projects.

Studies in all the fields are available in both the on-site and combined modes while the course of studies in both of these follow individual plans under supervisor‘s con­trol. The on-site students receive monthly scholarship supporting DDP studies. The combined students do not receive monthly scholarship supporting DDP studies, but are entitled to applying for funds withing the open DDP scholarship programmes intended for special purposes as are the on-site students, though.

The standard length of FEA doctoral degree programme studies is four years while the maximum period of time elapsed from enrolment to studies to proper completion is eight years. Studies conclude with the state doctoral exam and the dissertation thesis defence. Upon successful completion of studies the graduates from doctoral studies obtain the title of Ph.D. to be written after the names.

Legal and FEA’s relevant regulations

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