Why do we pay taxes?

13 Jan 2022 Kateřina Oleksíková

To accommodate the preference for negative content, the media tend to over-report bad news. In their recent paper Media negativity bias and tax compliance: experimental evidence, Milos Fišar, Tommaso Reggiani, Fabio Sabatini and Jiří Špalek find that these negative biases in coverage of economic and political issues reduce tax compliance. In contrast, when people are exposed to authentic information about the appropriate use of tax revenues, tax compliance increases significantly.

The above findings have also received attention on the LSE Business Review platform. This is a portal under the banner of The London School of Economics and Political Science. It aims to share the latest research findings in the social sciences with representatives from all areas of the professional sphere (business, finance or public administration).

Expert blogs, like professional or lay social networks, are now a suitable way to increase the visibility and social impact of scientific outputs. Monitoring this form of social impact is gaining importance and is an appropriate complement to traditional publication metrics. The best known platform for identifying these other forms of feedback is the Altmetric platform. Any student or employee of Masaryk University has access to the database, just register via email učo@muni.cz at https://www.altmetric.com/explorer/login. Try looking at your research in different colours!

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