Reading Week for FEA MU students

22 Mar 2022 Marie Hladká

Dear students,

In the spring semester, we have once again prepared Reading Week from March 28 to April 1, 2022. What exactly Reading Week is and what departmental activities can you expect during this week?

At international universities, the Reading week refers to a week-long break in classes when there are no lectures or seminars. So, although it is not necessary to go to the faculty, all faculty resources (library, study boxes, tutors, etc.) are still available to catch up on what you have not had time for during the busy days of the semester.

You do not have to devote yourself exclusively to self-study during this week, but there are also many optional faculty lecture and workshop activities, block trainings, and extra-curricular events that cannot be efficiently incorporated into your regular study schedule. Reading Week will offer space for student field trips and excursions. You can learn about upcoming activities from the International Office or from your departments.

The academic year moves very quickly, and it is not always possible to consult sufficiently with lecturers in the hustle of study, or to find space for clarification or completion of the material covered. Therefore, make effective use of the time to review the material discussed or study in advance to reduce some of the burden you will probaly experience during the remaining six weeks.

Reading week is not just about a week off. We wish you to make good use of this opportunity so that you can recharge and boost motivation to study for the rest of the semester and be better prepared for the exam period.

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