JSTOR, Oxford Scholarship and Taylor&Francis e-books

Other specialized publishers offer temporary access to their extensive e-book collections at this time.

29 Mar 2020 Jiří Poláček


The JSTOR ebooks collection includes over 37,000 books on humanities, social sciences and natural sciences from over 60 academic publishers. A total of 2005 titles are included in the category labeled Business & Economics. Access to books is on the JSTOR platform – in the same environment as archives of professional journals are available.

The JSTOR e-books collection is available for MUNI until 30 June 2020.

Oxford Scholarship

Oxford University provided MU with temporary free access to approximately 33,000 electronic books – mainly produced by Oxford University Press, as well as other university publishers (Yale, Princeton, Florida, MIT, …).

The largest selection is on the Oxford Scholarship platform, where there are 1817 items in the Economics and Finance and Business and Management categories. Also worth mentioning is the Oxford Reference, where there are encyclopedias, dictionaries or companions.

For the time being, access to Oxford University's collections is guaranteed for MUNI until 30 April 2020 (with the possibility to extend).

Taylor & Francis

Taylor & Francis Group also offered our University temporary free access to the T&F, CRC and Routledge e-book collections. Currently there are more than 15,000 eBooks on Economics, Finance, Business & Industry on taylorfrancis.com.

Temporary free access to Taylor & Francis collections for MUNI has been set to 31  May 2020 this year.

Collections access

You have to use institutional login service (aka Log in through your library, Sign in via your Institution, Login – With Shibboleth or OpenAthens) to access e-books from devices outside muni.cz domain.

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