Barcode generator

We run our own web application for generating barcodes for pasting into books. It can be used by other libraries as well.

Instructions for use

The application generates an A4 PDF page with set of barcodes in the CODE 39 standard (without checksum) according to the specified parameters suitable for printing on self-adhesive labels in a 9 × 3 matrix (rows × columns). The parameters are defined directly in the address bar of the web application and are as follows:

  • label – the same inscription above each generated code, for example Centre of Scientific Information
  • prefix – the first part of the barcode, eg 42004
  • startcode – the first number in the ascending series of barcodes, eg 00150 (if there have to be zeros at the beginning, they must be listed)
  • count – number of barcodes to be generated with increasing value by 1
  • position – the position on the page from which generation is started; it can be distinguished up to 9 × 3 = 27 different starting positions
  • list – a comma-separated list of barcodes to be generated together with the prefix, eg 00030,45,78956 generates codes (with the prefix above) 4200400030, 4200445, 4200478956
  • top – height of the top margin from the beginning of the labels, where the value
    • 13 –  indicates 13mm margin and label height 30 mm
    • any other - means 4mm edge and label height 32 mm

If the list value is non-empty, only the barcodes listed in this list are generated. If the list value is empty or not set at all, an ascending series of codes is generated according to the startcode and count parameters. The label, prefix, position and top parameters are always applied.

​The barcodes themselves are 15 mm high. The font for the inscriptions is chosen DejaVu Sans, the font size of the inscription above the code is 8 points, the font size of the listed value of the code below the code itself is 12 points.

The TCPDF library written in PHP is used to generate barcodes to PDF.

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