Print services at the Faculty of Economics and Administration

There is a print system at the Faculty of Economics and Administration (FEA) that allows to charge the cost through the university payment system for persons (abbreviated as SUPO). More information about SUPO can be found here

SUPO printers at the Faculty of Economics and Administration
  • right entrance to the lecture hall P101– Develop ineo+ 308 (color)
  • left entrance to the lecture hall P101 – Develop ineo+ 308 (color)
  • Library – Minolta BiZHub C308 (color)
  • Library – Develop ineo+ 308 (color)
Before print

Before printing, it is necessary to activate SUPO and have cash deposit in the system („to charge the card“). The activation can be done in the Inet system (the login is the same as into IS).

Cash can be deposit via bank transfer or via a charging machine. The charging machine is located in the hall between library and lecture hall P106.

How to print?

Print is matched: Your login into a computer at the faculty (FEA) + Your ISIC card, therefore you have to login under your own login!

In the computer rooms, the printers with SUPO are marked as „Print MU“ in the operating systems of all PCs.
The task sent to a „Print MU“ printer can be physically printed at any of the above stated printers. The print system at the FEA is compatible with the print system at the entire university. It means that a task sent from a computer at FEA to a printer „Print MU“ can be printed also at printers at other faculties. And vice versa.

All printers facilitate color print. However, in order to save students‘ financial resources, black and white print is set up as default print. If you want to print the task in color, it is necessary to change the task to „Color“ in the preferences of the printer before you send the task to task queue.


Further information

If a user sends a task from a computer into the system, but he or she does not print it out physically, the task is saved for 7 days. It can be printed at any time during this period – at any printer at MU involved in the SUPO printing system. After the period of one week passes, the task is automatically deleted from the print queue.

Tasks sent into the system by mistake can be cancelled before the print. The task can be canceled on the touch display of the printer. Upon login using the ISIC card, you see the list of tasks in the print queue. Then you can just select the tasks that are to be cancelled and delete them.

You can also view and edit your list of print tasks at the MU computers using web browser, when you enter the address Use your personal identification number (UČO) and secondary password to IS to login.

Important !!!

If you are used to printing only by clicking on the icon of the printer at the tool bar, please check first which printer is set up as the initial printer (in Windows 10 – choose Start; Settings; Devices; Devices and Printers)!!! It may happen that a different printer is set up as a default printer and it is not the one you need (you need the "Print MU" printer set up as a default printer). 

Difficulties with print

If a problem occurs while printing (white pages, black stripes, wrong price, etc.) you can claim it.

You can write to

You need to know the exact time when the task happened and bring the incorrectly printed papers with you -  DO NOT THROW THEM AWAY.

In case the folder for papers is empty, or a paper gets stuck in the printer, please inform anyone from the Information and Communication Technologies Centre (ICTC) or the Centre of Scientific Information (CSI) .

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