A scholarship in your pocket, a grant on top of that

Five years of university studies give a lot to anyone. But they give a hard time too. However, there are still a few reasons why you should continue enjoying the university environment.

  • Top-notch colleagues

    Top-notch colleagues

    You will study and work under true leaders in their fields. Our experts are here for you.

  • Brno is a matter of the heart

    Brno is a matter of the heart

    Extend your youth in this lively student city, which offers a wide range of activities – from culture through sports to inspirational discussions in stylish pubs.

  • Savvy guys in research

    Savvy guys in research

    You can participate in research along with your supervisors; you can get more thorough hands-on experience in the field and in your domain.

  • We provide g(ua)rant(ee)s!

    We provide g(ua)rant(ee)s!

    We will be grand and offer you interesting grants. Moreover, we will support your research, and you can also gain great experience abroad.

  • We share online

    We share online

    Conferences, study visits, foreign meetings of experts. You can share your findings and experience and discuss with other colleagues from the Czech Republic and abroad.

  • A scholarship that warms your heart

    A scholarship that warms your heart

    We will support you with a scholarship which will surely comfort your research activities.We can also support you with scholarship that will certainly please your budget.

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