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The Division of Legal Education (formerly the Department of Law until July 31, 2023) has been offering law courses at the Faculty of Economics and Administration, Masaryk University, since 2001. Our curriculum encompasses civil, commercial, labour, administrative, European, financial, and international private law. Additionally, we provide students with consultations on legal aspects related to economic courses and their final projects at our Consultation Centre of Legal Information. We operate the OPV Legal Portal, which features interactive texts linked to the ASPI legal information system.

Our law courses benefit from collaboration with colleagues from the Faculty of Law at Masaryk University and professionals in legal practice, including lawyers and judges. We place a strong emphasis on the search and interpretation of legal information, understanding law as a system that shapes the economic environment, exploring the interplay between legal and economic aspects, and addressing compliance requirements for economic entities. We conduct our classes through guided discussions, practical case studies, and collaborative learning. Our goal is to effectively prepare the students for their careers, where knowledge of the law is essential.

“Vigilantibus iura scripta sunt.”

Civil law is written for the vigilant.

In 2023, our law courses received accreditation from the global professional accountancy body ACCA. As a result, you can expect an education that adheres to the latest trends and standards in legal education at economic faculties.

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