Language Centre Department

The Department of Languages at the Faculty of Economics and Administration of Masaryk University is one of the units of the University Language Centre.

Contact person

Mgr. Lucie Jurková


Phone: +420 549 49 8748

Office hours

  • Mo 9.15–10.30; 13.00–14.00
  • Tu 8.30–10.30
  • We 8.30–10.30; 13.00–14.00
  • Th 8.30–10.30

For full-time students attending the Faculty of Economics and Administration, the Language Centre provides specialised language courses on two proficiency levels. The methodology and contents of the courses have been adjusted to the needs of future economists and administration officers communicating in foreign languages. At present, the department offers English, German, French and Spanish language I courses.  As language I, the student chooses the language, in which he/she took a school-leaving exam, or which he/she can speak on the proficiency level corresponding to such an exam.

Students of all forms of master’s studies are obligated to also take a language II exam. The list of language I courses is extended by Russian. The curriculum focuses primarily on economic/business language. For students, who need to improve their language qualifications for language II studies, the Language Centre Department offers preparatory language courses.

For students, who have completed a language I course successfully and want to improve their foreign language skills and their correct use for effective communication, the Language Centre Department offers optional subjects focused on the development of presentational skills in English and German.

The Language Centre Department at the Faculty of Economics and Administration offers a Language Distance-Learning Programme for students of part-time bachelor’s studies. The specialised activities of the staff focus primarily on the methodology of teaching, development of teaching aids concentrating on terminology and the structure of a specialised language, and they have recently been focusing on the use of modern media in foreign language classes and testing more intensely.

The department cooperates with related international institutions, such as the British Council, Goethe-Institut and Alliance Francaise. Members of the department participated in several grant projects as researchers, e.g. Evaluation Processes and Standards: Application of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages to the Specialised and Academic Foreign Language at Universities (EFR)Compact or Impact, funded by the development programmes of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, and the EU. 


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