Extracurricular Activities Centre

It provides consultancy and expertise activities, leasing of faculty premises and other facilities within the scope of extracurricular activities, as well as the activity of an expert institute in the field of economics.

Advisory Centre

The Advisory Centre offers the conducting of marketing surveys and public opinion polls. It also provides consulting services for public administration and public sector organisations, the business sphere and non-state non-profit organisations..

Expert Institute in the Field of Economics

The MU Faculty of Economics and Administration houses the Expert Institute in the Field of Economics, with the authorisation for financial entrepreneurial activities, economy, banking and insurance, corporate economy and management, regional development and administration, and public economy and administration.

Lease and Advertising Services

The interesting location of our faculty and the self-contained compound with accommodation capacities suitable for organising conferences attract many organisers. Our faculty offers the lease of premises at favourable prices for the purposes of scientific conferences or events for the general public. Our building has a wide range of premises for various types of events.

We offer the lease of our faculty’s advertising premises to commercial organisations, which offer products for students and youth. Contact us for detailed information.

Contact person

PhDr. Zdenka Čačová

Phone: +420 549 49 3546