International success of our student at UA-MUNC 2017

Sereyrath Seng, a Master's degree student of Finance at the Faculty of Economics and Administration, has been elected a General Assembly Official of the United Ambassadors Model United Nations Conference (UA-MUNC) 2017.

9. 6. 2017 Barbora Němcová

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Each year, young people from all over the world submit their applications to participate in UA-MUNC, a pioneering UN4MUN conference that offers the most accurate simulation of the United Nations and its decision-making process. Sereyrath Seng, our Finance student from Cambodia and a Czech Government Scholarship holder was one of the applicants this year. Sereyrath did not only participate in the conference, he was also elected the Chair of the General Assembly High-Level Summit on the Rights of Refugees & Migrants. This success corresponds with Sereyrath's ac­tivities up to date. Since arriving in Brno, he has managed to establish successful cooperation between the Cambodian Embassy in Germany and Cambodian students in the Czech Republic. „I wanted to make sure that all students can avoid bureaucratic issues that can affect their educational experience,“ Sereyrath explained, adding that he hopes this experience will provide an even greater opportunity to successfully address the global issues we are facing today.

For more information on the United Ambassadors and the UA-MUNC, the only UN4MUN conference taking place at the UN Office Geneva, see

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