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Sample study plan

The standard length of study in the PhD programme is four years The schedule of the course of study has been planned to allow students to submit a completed thesis prior its final defence The study consists of study itself (approximately 1/3rd) and research (approximately 2/3rds) In the course of study, students publish professional articles, which serve as the basis of their PhD thesis The first compact and coherent outcomes of study are presented in a seminar The state PhD examination takes place when the process of writing thesis has reached an advanced level

Plan of study
1. Term Microeconomics
Study of professional literature
2. Term Compulsory subject relating to the field of study 1. 1–2 compulsory subjects depending on the field of study
Study of professional literature
English language examination
Research work
3. Term Preparation of PhD thesis Students work on the first professional article
Presentation in a seminar Presentation of the work to be published
4. Term Preparation of PhD thesis Preparation of principles of thesis
State PhD examination For the State PhD examination students submit principles of their theses in the form of a paper based on their work, which introduces methods, contents and intended merit of their PhD work to the exam board. The principles also include advanced phase of theoretical part of PhD work
5. Term Preparation of PhD thesis Students work on the second professional article
Research fellowship This is a subject whose credit value depends on length and character of placement. Research fellowship must be approved by tutor.
6. Term Preparation of PhD thesis Students work on the third professional article
7. Term Preparation of PhD thesis 1. Completion of PhD thesis and its submission for defence at the department
Preliminary PhD defence PhD thesis is in its final phase, students incorporate tutors´ comments
8. Term Preparation of PhD thesis Completion of PhD work and its submission for defence
PhD defence end of study
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