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Changes in the International Office

Dear students and colleagues,

in connection with organizational changes resulting in separate Office for International Relations at the Faculty of Economics and Administration, there have been some modifications done in the agenda of the individual staff members of the office. From 1 December 2016 the responsibilities has been distributed as follows:

Jana Nesvadbová – complete agenda connected with students in master degree programmes instructed in English including joint degree and double degree programmes, incoming lectures from abroad, courses instructed in English and their timetable.

Denisa Gritzová – incoming and outgoing exchange students, realization of mobility for outgoing academic and non-academic staff.

Barbora Němcová – admission procedure in degree programmes instructed in English, communication with prospective students, international marketing activities.

I believe that the new agenda distribution will contribute to your satisfaction and I will be glad for any feedback.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Petr Smutný, Vice-dean for International Relations

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