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Events - Vědeckovýzkumné

Conference overview

Competition in Passenger Railways in Central and Eastern European Countries

Prague, 19 – 20 June 2014

Liberalization of railway markets in Central and Eastern European (CEE) countries has progressed substantially and the intensity of competition is sharply increasing. However, modal share of railways has been declining, quality of services is questionable, and liberalization is bringing about new problems in regulation of competition. The main problematic issues contain enforcing fair rules of the game, deciding between competition in and for the market, optimal level of infrastructure charges and inadequate public funding. Therefore, we are calling for papers dealing with competition in railways. Especially welcomed are papers in the following areas:

  • Competition in and for market in rail passenger transport
  • Optimal design of competitive tendering in rail passenger transport
  • New geographical patterns in rail traffic flows in the CEE countries
  • Railway competition and quality and capacity of infrastructure

Presentatition/pa­pers should concentrate on experience of CEE countries, or should be relevant to them. Comparative papers are especially welcomed. The workshop will be policy-oriented with the aim to formulate recommendations for policy makers.

Conference organization committee

Zdeněk Tomeš Masaryk University Brno Faculty of Economics and Administration
Martin Kvizda Masaryk University Brno Faculty of Economics and Administration
Daniel Seidenglanz Masaryk University Brno Faculty of Sciences
Tomáš Nigrin Charles University Prague Faculty of Social Sciences


Monika Jandová (