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Getting to Brno by car

If you come to Brno by car, there are three main routes.

Motorway route (highlighted red)

If you are coming to Brno on motorway D1 (for visitors from Slovakia motorway D2, or D1):

  • Leave D1 by EXIT 190 (Brno – ZÁPAD) and continue straight on (approx 2 km) to the tunnel (Pisárecký tunnel);
  • After leaving PISÁRECKÝ tunnel, continue “as if straight on” to Brno fairgrounds premises (signposted “Kohoutovice” and “BVV-CLO”, then make a right-hand U-turn so that you will appear on the upper part of Pisárky junction and turn right to HLINKY street;
  • After approximately 500 metres turn left and go uphill to LIPOVÁ street;
  • After about 200 metres turn right (at the white building of the faculty – ignore the NO VEHICLE sign as it does not apply to visitors of the faculty);
  • Further on, follow the traffic lights showing the availability of parking places by the faculty.
Znázornění cesty dopravy autem na ESF

(It is also possible to leave D1 motorway by EXIT 194 (signposted as Brno – Centrum), however driving through the centre of Brno is much more complicated and thus it is not recommended. Nonetheless, those of you coming in the direction of Vienna will have no other option but use this route).

Arrival to Brno from the direction of Vienna (highlighted blue)

  • Drive to the end of HERŠPICKÁ street (i.e. continue straight on after arriving in Brno);
  • On the first junction that does not allow you to continue straight-through (Heršpická – Poříčí), turn left to POŘÍČÍ street and continue for about 1.5 km as far as the Škoda car show, behind which you shall turn right;
  • Then you turn right again and you shall continue along KŘÍŽKOVSKÉHO towards HLINKY street, which you will leave by turning right to LIPOVÁ street after approx 1 km;
  • Further on, the way is the same as in the previous scheme.
Znázornění cesty dopravy autem na ESF

Arrival to Brno from the direction of Svitavy (hightlighted gre­en)

  • Continue straight ahead on E 461 (HRADECKÁ street);
  • About 200 metres behind Hradecká and Královopolská (Skácelova) junction turn right to ŽABOVŘESKÁ street (you still continue on E 461). There have been construction works underway, planned for 2008–11 as part of tunneling under Dobrovského street; you should be therefore prepared for driving through a construction site where road signs may be changed as needed!
  • After approximately 3 km of driving along ŽABOVŘESKÁ street, where traffic is restricted to a single lane after about 1.5 km, move to the left lane as soon as the motorway is expanded to double lane again and turn left after about 150 metres to a flyover of a the junction BAUEROVA – HLINKY (signposted as “Centrum, Žebětín, Kohoutovice, N. Lískovec”), where you should turn left to HLINKY street (signposted as “Centrum”);
  • After further 500 metres turn left and continue uphill to LIPOVÁ street;
  • Further on, the way is the same as in the previous scheme.
Doprava autem na ESF od Svitav

If you are among the lucky owners of a GPS navigation, GPS coordinates of the faculty are as follows: 49°11'36.821"N, 16°34'38.806"E.